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  • Magnetic name badges

    Magnetic Name Badges are an ideal and very popular way to make your office more attractive and to make employees more proud of their work. They have been in use for many years and have now become extremely fashionable and stylish. They come in various styles, sizes and materials to suit different requirements. The Best […]

  • A Little Guidance Please.

    There are many ways to make a DIY Flexor billet like using ring magnets as your primary source. . The most popular methods include using a glue gun, plywood, a soft fabric, and a jigsaw. The first step to ensure your board is strong, secure, and stable is to measure it accurately. Next, determine the span between […]

  • Purchase Magnets?

    Where can I purchase magnets? The best place to start is Grainger. This store has a great selection of rare earth magnets, cylinders and discs, and a wide range of neodymium-based metals that include the highly effective NdFeB. Apart from being excellent for everyday use, rare earth magnets for sale are great for industrial applications. […]

  • Advantages of Buying Neodymium Magnets

    Advantages of Buying Neodymium Magnets for Sale When you’re looking for magnets for sale, it’s important to look for in-stock items. Most in-stock items ship the same day, and same-day shipping is available on orders placed before 3:30 p.m. CST. Orders placed after this time will ship the following day. We also offer prompt service […]